Schneider Electric Harmony® XB5/ZB5 Plastic Control & Signaling Units

Schneider Electric Harmony® XB5/ZB5 Plastic Control and Signaling Units include pushbuttons, switches, timers, and pilot lights. These devices combine the simplicity of installation, flexibility, and robustness to meet most industrial applications. The XB5/ZB5 switches deliver one of the most comprehensive product ranges available on the market. These devices meet the robustness and performance requirements for the majority of industrial applications. The switches deliver an innovative and ergonomic design that allows easy operation and improves the look and feel of control panels and machines. These devices feature a comprehensive range of modular products that enable simple selection and ease of use to make an operator’s work simpler and more efficient. Typical applications include machine manufacturers, chemical industry, paper mill, marine applications, and car washes.


  • Improved reliability of panels, machines, and processes:
    • The flush-mounting solution addresses the market demands for ergonomic design and aesthetics:
      • Built-in flush pushbuttons
      • Flush mounting kit accessories
    • Pushbuttons and switches with a vibrant color pallet
  • Improved operator efficiency:
    • Illuminated emergency stop pushbutton solutions that help quickly find the E-stop button responsible for the production downtime
    • Robust illuminated and non-illuminated buzzers providing water resistance up to IP66, IP67, IP69, and IP69K
    • High brightness and full-surface illumination of pushbuttons and selector switches
    • Dedicated offer for explosive atmospheres
  • USB and RJ45 ports for a simple, effective way to connect a PC or USB
  • Timer for safe and simple adjustment of your machine’s time settings
  • 3-phase pilot lights mounted in a single 30mm (1.181 in.) diameter hole
  • Potentiometer with integrated resistor
  • Yellow illuminated functions
  • Configurable display for simple machine function
  • Small displays in a diameter 22mm hole for quicker mounting
  • Offer the flexibility to convert from standard to flush mounting versions by simply changing a single letter in the product reference
  • Delivers extremely robust performance even in severe environments
  • High electrical performance:
    • Contacts and heads designed to prevent vibration, helping to ensure secure mounting and wiring
    • Choose from standard, low-load, and high-power electrical contacts
  • Lower maintenance:
  • Harmony pushbuttons are designed to perform up to 10 million operations:
    • This represents more than 1,000 operations a day for 27 year


  • Industry:
    • Machine manufacturers
    • Chemical industry
    • Papermill
    • Marine applications:
      • Material working
      • Packaging
      • Pumping
      • Material handling
  • Service sector and infrastructure:
    • Energy distribution panel builders
    • Food and beverage
    • Car washes


Schneider Electric Harmony® XB5/ZB5 Plastic Control & Signaling Units


Publicado: 2021-09-02 | Actualizado: 2022-03-21