ARCOL / Ohmite KABR Wirewound Metal-Clad Braking Resistors

ARCOL / Ohmite KABR Wirewound Metal-Clad Braking Resistors are rigid metal-clad resistors designed as braking resistors and ideal for pulsed applications. ARCOL / Ohmite KABR Braking Resistors feature a 60W to 1000W power range and a 0.2Ω to 20kΩ resistance range. These high stability and reliability resistors operate over a -25°C to +250°C temperature range.


  • 60W to 1000W power range
  • 0.2Ω to 20kΩ resistance range
  • 1500VAC RMS for 1 minute dielectric strength
  • -25°C to +250°C operating temperature range
  • Termination
    • UL approved cables
    • Busbar flat termination style (for screw connections) optional on request
  • Designed as braking resistor
  • Energy handling capability vs. size makes it ideal for pulse applications
  • Metal-clad resistor design makes it very rigid
  • Cost-effective and compact
  • Optional non-inductive versions and optional internal thermal cutouts
  • Vertical mounting possible
  • Available stacking solution for multiple resistor applications


  • Braking resistors in automation projects with motor and drive applications
  • Continuous power applications with environmental challenges, such as dust and vibrations
  • Braking with variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • Pre-charge and discharge applications, including solar inverters and general-charging circuits
Publicado: 2019-08-15 | Actualizado: 2023-04-25