Microchip Technology Security ICs

Microchip Technology Security ICs ensure trust for every system design. Flexibility, advanced features, innovative, cost-effective architectures, and ultra-secure hardware defense mechanisms make Microchip hardware-based security devices an ideal way to add trust by design at scale. Typical uses include IoT cloud authentication, automotive security, accessory authentication, counterfeit protection, IP protection, and firmware validation. 

CryptoAuthentication™ Devices

Microchip CryptoAuthentication devices offer hardware-based ultra-secure key storage to ensure that a product with the consumables it uses, firmware it runs, accessories that supports it, and the network nodes it connects to are not cloned, counterfeited, or tampered with. Keeping products genuine helps maintain a customer revenue flow by ensuring that only legitimate products can work with the host system. Microchip offers the industry's most comprehensive selection of authentication devices featuring hardware-based root-of-trust storage and cryptographic countermeasures that can fight off even the most aggressive attacks. Because attackers cannot see secret keys stored in protected hardware, they cannot attack. To help your design journey, Microchip-approved Security Design Partners are here to help you scale with TLS stack providers, cloud experts, certificate authority companies, and CryptoAuthLib library expertise.

Trusted Platform Module

The Microchip FIPS 140-2 Certified Trusted Platform Module (TPM) provides a strong hardware-based public key (RSA) security for personal computers and embedded processors on a single chip. It is a complete turnkey system that integrates industry-leading Microchip AVR® microcontroller architecture, Microchip EEPROM technology, and Microchip security technology. Implementing version 1.2 of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) specification for TPMs, the chip supports secure boot via platform integrity measurements, intellectual property protection, authentication, and secure communications. The AT97SC* series is offered in SPI, LPC, and I2C interfaces. All revisions are supported in both commercial and industrial grades.

CryptoMemory® products

The Microchip CryptoMemory® family offers a range of cost-efficient, high-security electrically erasable programmable read-only memory chips (EEPROMs) and host-side security for applications requiring comprehensive data protection, including mutual authentication between devices and host. CryptoMemory chips feature a 64-bit embedded hardware encryption engine, four sets of nonreadable, 64-bit authentication keys, and four sets of nonreadable, 64-bit session encryption keys—the result: a truly secure means of preventing product counterfeiting and piracy. The chip family features a choice of memory densities and is easy to implement in various applications.

CryptoRF® products

Microchip CryptoRF® is a 13.56MHz RFID (radio-frequency identification) device family equipped with a 64-bit embedded hardware encryption engine, mutual authentication capability, and up to 64Kbits of user memory. These low-cost chips are virtually impossible to copy and offer hardware security superior to software security solutions. CryptoRF ICs are ideal for applications prone to counterfeiting, requiring a permanent chain of ownership, or using contactless smart cards for cash transactions. They are also suitable for use in adverse environmental conditions where dust, dampness, or temperature extremes can cause problems for digital devices.

Publicado: 2019-06-07 | Actualizado: 2023-06-01