BIVAR Panel Mount Indicators

BIVAR Nylon, Metal, Quick Mount, & IP67-Rated Panel Mount Indicators are designed to address machine to human communication, in which light is transferred from LED to the human eye to convey a message. This wide variety of indicator solutions is made to efficiently move light to the front panel in any number of consumer or industrial applications, including security, medical, computing, transportation, and communication. Bringing flexibility to designers, BIVAR's panel mount indicators take into account a number of key considerations including the distance from LED source to panel, size and brightness, type of material best suited to the application, and indoor versus outdoor conditions. The IP67-rated panel mount assemblies address tough outdoor conditions, and are totally protected against dust and immersion up to 1m.

Bivar's panel mount assemblies are designed for a variety of applications from x-ray scanning machines, electrical control panels, and instrumental panels, to vending and gaming machines, exercise equipment and outdoor sportsman equipment, to military robots and unmanned aerial vehicles.


  • Both leaded and wired contacts with optional connectors
  • Offered with 3, 5, 8.4, and 12.4mm LEDs
  • Wide selection of colors, lens appearance, intensity, and viewing angles are available
  • LEDs are direct drive upon specified forward voltage
  • Housing and lens are comprised of ESD-protected material


  • Commercial applications
  • Industrial applications
  • Security applications
  • General signage applications
  • High vibration applications
  • Defense and military equipment
  • Transportation (aircraft, auto, marine, trains)
  • Medical applications
  • Communication applications
Publicado: 2012-08-06 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11