BittWare IA-420f Agilex™ FPGA Cards

BittWare IA-420f Agilex™ FPGA Cards with PCIe Gen4 x16 is an Intel® Agilex-based FPGA card designed to deliver next-generation performance for data center, networking, and edge compute workloads. The IA-420f NIC-sized card offers a balance of I/O and memory using the Agilex chip’s unique tiling architecture with a QSFP-DD (1x 200G), DDR4 SDRAM, PCIe Gen4 x16, and a GPIO port for diverse applications.

The BittWare IA-420f Agilex FPGA Cards enable an abstracted development flow for dramatically simplified code reuse across multiple architectures.


  • FPGA
    • Intel Agilex AGF014
    • Core speed grade-2
    • I/O speed grade-2
  • 2Gbit Flash memory for booting FPGA
  • 2x banks onboard DDR4, up to 8GB each
  • x16 Gen4 interface direct to FPGA, connected to PCIe hard IP
  • QSFP-DD cages
    • QSFP-DD cage on the front panel connected directly to FPGA via 8 transceivers
    • User programmable low jitter clocking supporting 10/25/40/100GbE
    • Jitter cleaner for network recovered clocking
  • 4x GPIO expansion connector
  • External clocking: 1 PPS and 10MHz ref clk front panel inputs (optional)
  • USB access to BMC, USB-JTAG, USB-UART
  • Electrical
    • Onboard power derived from PCIe slot
    • Power dissipation is application dependent
    • 75W maximum power consumption
  • Board Management Controller
    • Voltage, current, temperature monitoring
    • Power sequencing and reset
    • Field upgrades
    • FPGA configuration and control
    • Clock configuration
    • Low bandwidth BMC-FPGA comms with SPI link
    • USB 2.0
    • PLDM support
    • Voltage overrides
  • Single-slot passive heatsink
  • Operating temperature: 5°C to 35°C
  • Low profile (half-height, half-length) PCIe slot card
  • Size: 167.7mm x 68.9mm
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE, FCC and ICES approvals

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - BittWare IA-420f Agilex™ FPGA Cards


Publicado: 2021-09-03 | Actualizado: 2022-11-30