Azoteq IQS7222B ProxFusion® Capacitive Touch Sensors

Azoteq IQS7222B ProxFusion® Capacitive Touch Sensors are sensor fusion devices for various multi-button applications. Azoteq IQS7222B ProxFusion Sensors feature 18-channel mutual and 8-channel self-capacitive touch and proximity controllers. These sensors are fully I2C-compatible and feature on-chip calculations that enable the IC to respond effectively even in the lowest-power modes. Applications include remote control user interfaces, home automation device user interfaces, and wireless speaker controls.


  • Highly flexible ProxFusion device
  • 9 (QFN) / 8 (WLCSP) external sensor pad connections
  • Configure up to 20 mutual capacitance buttons or up to 8 self-capacitance buttons
  • Built-in basic functions
    • Automatic tuning
    • Noise filtering
    • Debounce and hysteresis
    • Differential measurements (reference channels)
    • Dual-direction trigger indication
  • Design simplicity
    • PC Software for debugging and obtaining optimal settings and performance
    • One-time programmable settings for custom power-on IC configuration
    • Auto-run from programmed settings for simplified integration
  • Automated system power modes for optimal response vs. consumption
  • I2C communication interface with IRQ/RDY (up to fast plus -1MHz)
  • Event and streaming modes
  • Customizable user interface due to programmable memory
  • 1.8V (-5%) to 3.5V supply voltage
  • Small packages
    • WLCSP18 (1.62mm2  x 0.5mm) - interleaved 0.4mm x 0.6mm ball pitch
    • QFN20 (3mm2  x 0.5mm) - 0.4mm pitch


  • Remote control user interfaces
  • Home automation device user interfaces
  • Wireless speaker controls

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Azoteq IQS7222B ProxFusion® Capacitive Touch Sensors
Publicado: 2021-06-15 | Actualizado: 2022-09-29