Analog Devices Inc. SHARC® Processors

Analog Devices Inc. SHARC® Processors dominate the floating-point DSP market with exceptional core and memory performance and outstanding I/O throughput. These processors are based on a Super Harvard Architecture that balances exceptional core and memory performance with outstanding I/O throughput capabilities. The SHARC processors integrate large memory arrays and application-specific peripherals designed to simplify product development and reduce time to market. These processors are used in automotive, process control, and motor control applications.


  • 32/40-Bit IEEE floating-point math
  • 32-bit Fixed-point multipliers with 64-bit product & 80-bit accumulation
  • No arithmetic pipeline
  • Six nested levels of zero-overhead looping in hardware
  • Rich, algebraic assembly language syntax
  • Instruction set supports conditional arithmetic, bit manipulation, divide & square root, bit field deposit and extract
  • DMA allows zero-overhead background transfers at full clock rate without processor intervention


  • Automotive
  • Motor and power control
  • Process control
  • Security and surveillance
  • Test and measurement


SHARC+ Processors

Analog Devices Inc. SHARC+ Processors provide dual-enhanced high-performance floating point cores. These processors offer low system power across automotive temperature range. The SHARC+ processors have a large on-chip L2 SRAM with ECC protection upto 1MB.

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  • Up to 450MHz per SHARC+ core
  • Up to 3Mb L1 SRAM memory per core with parity (optional ability to configure as cache)
  • 32-bit, 40-bit, and 64-bit floating point support
  • 32-bit fixed support
  • Powerful DMA system
  • On-chip memory protection

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Analog Devices Inc. SHARC® Processors
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