Analog Devices Inc. LTM4655 Dual/Single Inverting μModule® Regulator

Analog Devices Inc. LTM4655 Dual/Single Inverting μModule® Regulator is an ultra-low noise 40V, dual 4A or single 8A DC/DC μModule® regulator designed to meet the radiated emissions requirements of EN55022. Its channels are fully independent, parallelable, and capable of delivering positive or negative output polarity. Conducted emission requirements can be met by adding standard filter components. Included in the package are the switching controllers, power MOSFETs, inductors, filters, and support components. A 5V, 25mA LDO and clock generator enable phase interleaving of the power switching stages, for improved EMC performance.

The LTM4655 can regulate positive VOUTn + voltages between 0.5V and 26.5V from a 3.1V to 40V input. The LTM4655 can regulate negative VOUTn – voltages between –0.5V and –26.5V from a maximum input range of 3.6V to 40V, with the span from VINn to VOUTn – not to exceed 40V. A switching frequency range of 250kHz to 3MHz is supported.

The Analog Devices Inc. LTM4655 is offered in a 16mm x 16mm x 5.01mm BGA package with SnPb or RoHS compliant terminal finish.


  • Dual 4A/single 8A low EMI switch mode power supply
  • EN55022 Class B compliant
  • Two fully independent channels, each configurable for positive or negative output voltage polarity
  • 0.5V ≤ |VOUTn + – VOUTn –| ≤ 26.5V output voltage range
  • Up to 40V wide input voltage range
    • 3.1V or 3.6V start-up, configuration-dependent
  • ±1.67% total DC output voltage error over the line, load, and temperature
  • Analog output current indicator (positive-VOUT only)
  • LDOOUT: 5V fixed, 25mA capable LDO
  • Parallelable with LTM4651/LTM4653
  • Constant-frequency current mode control
  • Power Good indicators and programmable soft-start
  • Overcurrent and overtemperature protection
  • 16.0mm x 16.0mm x 5.01mm BGA package


  • Automated test and measurement
  • Avionics and industrial control systems
  • Video, imaging, and instrumentation

Typical Application

Application Circuit Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. LTM4655 Dual/Single Inverting μModule® Regulator
Publicado: 2021-06-14 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11