Analog Devices Inc. LTC6228 High-Speed Operational Amplifiers

Analog Devices Inc. LTC6228 High-Speed Operational Amplifiers are low noise rail-to-rail output and unity gain stable op amps having a high slew rate of 500V/μs. These amplifiers are the perfect choice for wide dynamic range applications due to the combination of low offset, low offset drift, high CMRR, and high gain. The LTC6228 operational amplifiers consist of an input range extending to the negative rail and an output range that encompasses the entire supply range. This enables the LTC6228 amplifiers to accommodate wide swinging signals and single supply operation.

The LTC6228 operational amplifiers feature ultra-low voltage noise, low distortion at high speeds, and ability to enable/disable internal bias current cancellation to optimize noise performance. These amplifiers operate at -40°C to 125°C temperature range and are available in a 2mm x 2mm DFN package. The LTC6228 operational amplifiers are ideal for applications that require high dynamic range and deal with high slew rate signals. Typical applications include active filters, video amplifiers, fast trans-impedance amplifiers, and low voltage Hi-Fi amplification.


  • 0.88nV/√Hz ultra-low voltage noise
  • Low distortion at high speeds
  • 500V/µs high slew rate
  • 890MHz gain-bandwidth
  • 250µV maximum input offset voltage
  • 0.4µV/°C offset drift
  • Input common mode range includes negative rail
  • Output swings rail-to-rail
  • 16mA/channel typical supply current
  • 500µA shutdown supply current
  • 2.8V to 11.75V operating supply current range
  • 80mA minimum large output current
  • Very high open loop gain
  • -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range
  • 8-Lead SOIC, TSOT-23, and DC-6 package options


  • Optical electronics:
  • Fast trans-impedance amplifiers
  • Driving high dynamic range A/D converters
  • Active filters
  • Video amplifiers
  • High-speed differential to single-ended conversion
  • Low voltage Hi-Fi amplification


Typical Application Circuit

Application Circuit Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. LTC6228 High-Speed Operational Amplifiers

Simplified Schematic

Schematic - Analog Devices Inc. LTC6228 High-Speed Operational Amplifiers
Publicado: 2019-04-16 | Actualizado: 2023-01-23