Analog Devices Inc. ADV7125 Triple 8-Bit High Speed Video DACs

Analog Devices ADV7125 330MHz Triple 8-Bit High-Speed Video Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC) feature three high speed, 8-bit video DACs with complementary outputs, three separate 8-bit-wide input ports, a standard TTL input interface, and a high impedance analog output current source on a single monolithic chip. Developed using a 5V CMOS process, ADV7125's construction ensures greater functionality with lower power dissipation. ADV7125 only requires a single +5V/+3.3V power supply and clock to operate. The ADV7125 DACs are guaranteed monotonic to eight bits and compatible with a wide variety of high-resolution color graphics systems including RS-343A and RS-170. 

Qualified for automotive applications with an -40°C to +85°C industrial temperature range, the ADV7125 Triple 8-Bit High-Speed Video DACs are ideal for digital video systems, high-resolution color graphics, digital radio modulation, image processing, instrumentation, video signal reconstruction, and automotive infotainment units.


  • 330MSPS throughput rate
  • Triple 8-bit DACs
  • RS-343A-/RS-170-compatible output
  • Complementary outputs
  • DAC output current range: 2.0mA to 26.mA
  • TTL-compatible inputs
  • Internal Reference (1.235V)
  • Single-supply +5 V/+3.3V operation
  • 48-lead LQFP and LFCSP packages
  • Low power dissipation (30mW minimum @ 3V)
  • Low power standby mode (6mW typical @ 3V)
  • Industrial temperature range (−40°C to +85°C)
  • Pb-free (lead-free) packages
  • Qualified for automotive applications


  • Digital video systems
  • High-resolution color graphics
  • Digital radio modulation
  • Image processing
  • Instrumentation
  • Video signal reconstruction
  • Automotive infotainment units

Functional Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. ADV7125 Triple 8-Bit High Speed Video DACs
Publicado: 2015-06-15 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11