Analog Devices Inc. ADSP-BF70x Blackfin® Core Embedded Processors

Analog Devices Inc. ADSP-BF70x Blackfin+ Core Embedded Processors are members of the Blackfin® family and feature a dual MAC 16-bit state-of-the-art signal processing engine. The processors also include a clean, orthogonal RISC-like microprocessor instruction set, single-instruction, and multiple-data (SIMD) multimedia capabilities. All of this is combined into a single instruction-set architecture. Enhancements to the Blackfin+ core add 32-bit MAC and 16-bit complex MAC support, cache enhancements, branch prediction, and other instruction set improvements. The previous Blackfin instruction set is also compatible.


  • Blackfin+ core with up to 400MHz performance
  • Dual 16-bit or single 32-bit MAC support per cycle
  • 16-bit complex MAC and many other instruction set enhancements
  • Instruction set compatible with previous Blackfin products
  • Low-cost packaging
  • 88-Lead LFCSP_VQ (QFN) package (12mm × 12mm) RoHS compliant
  • 184-Ball CSP_BGA package (12mm × 12mm × 0.8mm pitch), RoHS compliant
  • Low system power with <100mW core domain power at 400MHz (<0.25mW/MHz) at 25°C TJUNCTION

Black Diagram

Analog Devices Inc. ADSP-BF70x Blackfin® Core Embedded Processors
Publicado: 2017-11-15 | Actualizado: 2022-05-03