Amphenol Industrial Board Level RADSOK® PGY™ Connectors

Amphenol Industrial RADSOK® PGY™ orthogonal card edge connector series are available in 3.6mm and 5.7mm contact sizes. The 5.7mm RADSOK PGY is Amphenol's highest current board level product rated up to 120A. The design of the PGY connectors are optimized to dissipate heat and to deliver high power evenly to the board. The RADSOK PGY connects to the board through a solder reflow process. The busbar pin will mate horizontally with the RADSOK slightly above the board. With a robust mechanical design, the components are ideal for blindmate drawer applications.


  • High power to board interconnect in a small package
  • Compact footprint of 0.618" x 0.618"
  • Backplane power interface with compliant pins for signals
  • Touchproof cover
  • Radial design ensures many points of contact
  • Reduces failure modes and eliminates burnouts
  • No threaded fasteners
  • No special crimp tools required
  • Eliminates possible stress fractures on the board
  • Faster through-put
  • RoHS compliant
Publicado: 2008-05-30 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11