1BitSquared iCEBreaker FPGA Development Boards

1BitSquared iCEBreaker FPGA Development Boards are open-source evaluation tools and next-generation open CPU architectures designed for teachers and students. The 1BitSquared field-programmable gate array boards are expandable through Peripheral Module interface (Pmod) connectors, enabling users to choose from expansion options, including proprietary versions. The boards are available with tabbed, breakaway Pmods with three push buttons and five LEDs. 

The 1BitSquared iCEBreaker FPGA Development Boards are supported by Yosys, Arachne-pnr, nextpnr, IceStorm, icestudio, and Migen open FPGA design tools.


  • Lattice iCE40UP5k FPGA
    • 5280 logic cells (4-LUT + Carry + FF)
    • 120Kbit dual-port block RAM
    • 1Mbit (128KByte) single-port RAM
    • PLL, 2x SPI, 2x I2C hard IPs
    • Two internal oscillators (10kHz and 48MHz) for simple designs
    • 8x DSP multiplier blocks for signal processing such as audio synthesis and even software-defined radio
    • Low power consumption is ideal for battery-powered applications
    • 3x 24mA drive and 3x hard IP PWM (can drive RGB LEDs and small motors)
  • I/O options3x pins (header) for RGB LED
    • 2x onboard LEDs
    • UART, RX pin, and TX pin accessible via virtual (USB) serial port
    • One push button
    • 2x available Pmod connectors (16 x pins total)
    • Breakaway Pmod (8x pins)
  • Storage
    • 128Mbit (16MB) quad SPI double data rate (QSPI-DDR) flash
    • Example, it can stream video to the LED matrix
  • Prewired breakaway Pmod module
    • Input and output user accessible
    • 5x LEDs in a star pattern
    • 3x pushbuttons
  • Onboard FPGA programmer and USB-to-serial adapter
    • Compatible with IceStorm iceprog tool
    • Driverless connection as a serial device to host computer
  • USB high speed
    • Onboard FT2232 USB chip
    • Up to 480Mbit/s interface to the host computer


Block Diagram

Block Diagram - 1BitSquared iCEBreaker FPGA Development Boards
Publicado: 2019-12-17 | Actualizado: 2023-04-10