Electric Imp

Electric Imp, founded in 2011, is a recognized leader in secure edge-to-enterprise cloud connectivity, allowing designers to get their Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices to market quickly. Designers have built millions of devices with Electric Imp's highly secure platform as a service, with devices deployed and managed in more than 100 countries.

Modules with Electric Imp IoT Connectivity

High quality, easy-to-use, certified and low cost wireless connectivity modules.

Electric Imp (IMP003) Type 1CD Wi-Fi Module

Wi-Fi Smart module providing connectivity to the internet with embedded OS.

Electric Imp (IMP004m) Type 1MD Wi-Fi Module

Provides connectivity to the internet via Wi-Fi and features a pre-loaded, secure OS.

Electric Imp (IMP005) Type 1GC Wi-Fi Module

Works with the Imp Cloud Platform (IMP005) and powered by the CYW43907 chip.

IMP003M Breakout Board

Provides a secure and scalable platform to easily prototype the IMP003 Module in a small package.

IMP004M Breakout Board

Integrates a 32-bit processor and WiFi radio into a single module.

imp005-breakout Development Kit

Provides basic life support for the Murata LBWA1UZ1GC (IMP005) Type 1GC Wi-Fi Module.

BOB-12886 Electric Imp Breakout

Provides an easy integrated way to connect any H/W device to other devices and to internet services.

WRL-11395 Electric Imp

WiFi enabled development platform powered by a Cortex-M3 processor core.